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Creative laboratory of Olga Luchinina



My name is Olga Luchinina. I am the Candidate of Psychological Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor (Docent) in the Department of Psychology, the specialist in the Labor Psychology area, the author of master-classes, seminars and trainings under the “Program of Personal, Creative and Professional Self-Realization” for different kinds of specialists.

At the moment I’m working in the framework of gender psychology. My target audience is a female-professional, who is interested in improving her talent, in realization her creativity and professional potential. The objective of my research is to develop an integrated program for women's personal disclosure, creative and professional self-realization. For this purpose, I am studying folk (ritual, magical, shamanic) practices and psycho-techniques to enable women to find resources of natural power and energy, which were blocked in the era of patriarchal oppression of women: the practices, reaching from the bowels of the matriarchal shamanic cultures, - to raise and adapt them to our time and our modern challenges. Also I study "hidden" female archetypes based on myths, tales and legends.

I’ll be glad to cooperate with all like-minded people

Some information about my work you can find here:




Some information about me:


Olga Luchinina (up to the year 2008 - Olga Blinova)


E-mail address: arelbina@yandex. ru




2002 - Moscow State University, Faculty of Psychology: academic degree of Candidate of Psychological Sciences (December 20, 2002)

1994 - Astrakhan State Conservatory, specialist of "musicology", qualification: "musicologist-educator, lecturer, critic, researcher” (May 23, 1994)

1993 - Moscow State University, the Faculty of Retraining (Special Department of Sociological Faculty) Qualifications – Psychologist, Sociologist (May 12, 1993)



2006 - Title of Associate Professor (Docent) in the Department of Psychology (May 26, 2006)

2006 – till present: Associate Professor, Department of General Humanitarian Disciplines in Astrakhan State Conservatory.

2008-2010 – General Director (CEO) and the chief of Psychological Services Centre at “Astrakhan Personnel Centre» (“EON-8” Ltd)

2000-2006 - Senior Lecturer, Department of General Humanitarian Disciplines in Astrakhan State Conservatory

1998-2000 – Pedagogue-Psychologist in “Wellness Center Path of Health", Astrakhan

1994-1998 - Lecturer, Department of Theory and History of Music in Astrakhan State Conservatory

1992-1997 – Music therapist in the Auxiliary Boarding School № 2, Astrakhan


The lecture courses read:


For students and post-graduate students of the Astrakhan State Conservatory:

“Music psychology and pedagogy”

“Music psychology”

"The history of music pedagogy”

"General Psychology"

"General pedagogy”

"Psychology of personality”

"Psychology and pedagogies of higher school”

"Practical psychology in music»

"Musical-pedagogical systems”


For students of the Faculties of Professional Development and Retraining (on the basis of educational institutions of Astrakhan, Ahtubinsk, Penza, Stavropol, Elista)

"Practical psychology for professional musicians"

“Music psychology and pedagogy”


Master classes, seminars and trainings:


"Musical Training for Personal and Creative Self-realization"

Training “Culture of the Body (Body and Soul)"

Training “Actor’s psycho-techniques”

Seminar "Practical psychology in musical activity»

Akhtubinsk, Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg:

"Musical Training for Personal and Creative Self-realization"

Siena (Italy):

Seminar-presentation "Personality-oriented Music Therapy”


Other activities in addition to teaching at the University:

Literary creativity in the genre of "psychological fantasy" where the idea of human spiritual development, discovery of his/her inner potential is set out not in the scientific, but in a fascinating art form. Nowadays 2 literary works are published: the novel "Beyond the Magic Power" and the story "Psychological training for a terrestrial traveler" (in Russian).

Psychologist-consultant (individual, family and group counseling). Consulting on personal and professional problems (face-to-face and remote via Internet).

Psychological and methodological assistance to the staff of musical educational establishments

Head of Psychological Service in Astrakhan State Conservatory

Work on a doctoral thesis (psychology of personality, ethno-psychology, applied psychology)

Reviewing and editing scientific papers (for teachers of primary, secondary and higher education)

Individual programs and trainings (developed for personal, creative and professional self-realization for the needs of professionals of various profiles).

Programs of psychosocial care and support (developed for professional musicians on the basis of Astrakhan State Conservatory).

Author and administrator of the specialized website “Psychology for musicians": http://arelbina. ucoz. ru/ (in Russian)


Membership in professional organizations:

Member (Professor) of “Russian Academy of Natural Science”



2004-2005: Grant "The personality-oriented correction of the professional development of musicians", supported by the Russian humanitarian scientific Fund, in cooperation with the Government of the Astrakhan region (project No. 04-06-31002).


Professional honors:

Included in Biographical Guides: "Who's Who in the World” (United States, 2000, 2001), "Outstanding people of the 20th Century" (United Kingdom, 2000), encyclopedia of «Famous scientists»: http://www.famous-scientists.ru/159