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Woman's power

Olga Luchinina




"Matriarchal symbols in culture and individual mind”

- Symbols of Nature, elemental forces, plants and animals. Matriarchal and patriarchal interpretation of symbols

-The embodiment of matriarchal symbols in patterns and ornaments, on household articles, clothes, in residential buildings and places of worship

-Matriarchal symbols in the Fairy Tale

-The Goddesses and the legendary Heroines: a reflection of their archetypes in the female psyche


"Matriarchal nature of the calendar folk festivals: rites, rituals, traditions”

-The natural cycles of Mother Earth as the basis of calendar holidays

-Cycles of the seasons. The turning points of the annual cycle: 4 cardinal points (2 Solstices and 2 Equinoxes) + 4 additional points related to intensification and development of Light and Dark tides

-Solar and lunar cycles

-Calendar rites and rituals in modern psychological training


"Women's life script: ways and means of overcoming destructive patriarchal attitudes”

"Myths of the women's collective consciousness”

-Devaluation of the female creative ways and the emphasizing of biological "predestination” of women

-Problems of girls’ raising within the family and at school. Forming the fear of her own strength and "methods" of self-sabotage

-Working with the “Map of Gender Attitudes”-1) To become aware of the destructive personal attitudes related to the gender and/or age of a woman. 2) Forming the healthful emotional reactions, behavioral and mental patterns, that contributes to self-confidence, lightness, comfort, creativity and self-expression

-"Weakness" as a myth. Historical and modern methods of depriving women of strength and individuality

-"The perfect woman" in different cultures (comparative analysis)

-"Anti-Freud" and "enchanted femininity” - overcoming limiting beliefs about the nature of women and their "predestination"

-Professional self-realization of women


"Female practices in body-oriented psychology"

-Female Corporeality: the body as a reflection of the inner world of a human, attitude to the body in the context of social conditioning of people

-The symbolic meaning of body parts, details of clothing. Clothing as a projection of female strength (freedom) or weakness (enslavement)

-Body-oriented practices in the process of self-realization of a woman. Taoist practices. The Practice of "Tensegrity"


«Matriarchy, Nature and pantheistic worldview»

- Anthropological studies of matriarchal cultures

- Animate Nature and human consciousness

- Problems of biophobia and patriarchal technocracy

- Folk magic, healing and shamanism through the prism of modern practical psychology

- Woman and Earth. Methods of overcoming the patriarchal "gravitational" consciousness.

- Linear thinking and "holographic" consciousness.

- Primordial Nature and Archetypal "Primeval Wild Woman" (a term by C.P. Estes): psycho-archeological excavations in the structures of the female unconscious


Исходный текст

Практикум «Женская личная сила»



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